Ui Lung – Ngharchhip

Ui Lung – Ngharchhip, Lunglei District

A big monolith with remarkably intricate carvings, it is located near the village of Ngharchhip near the Myanmar border, about…km to the east of Lunglei. It was erected around 1800 by a certain Chinzah chief and his citizens in expression of their ”longing” for their fellow clansmen with whom they were driven apart by a severe famine that broke out in their former village called Dawn, situated in what is now Myanmar republic. The stone measures about 8 ft and a half in height and 11 ft in girth and on its surface are interesting carvings of animal heads, gongs and human figures with spears and other weapons. Originally the Chinzah chiefs belonged to the Halkha clan in Myanmar and they led a peaceful and prosperous life in Dawn. Then in the end of the seventeenth century the deadly famine forced them to leave their homes and move out of their village in three groups. It was the group that settled down in what is now called Ngharchhip inside Mizoram that erected this stone.