Branch Officer: James Lalnithanga (MCS)

Election Branch: This Branch occupies The Ground floor of DC’s Building.There are three chambers like EO’s Chambers,General room and computer operator room.

It Subscribes Internet Connection from NIC. Vanglaini Daily Newspaper and various local newspaper are also subscribed.

As per record, the first Election Officer is K. Lalsawta who was the incubent in 1979-1981. As of now (2018) , there has been 22 Election Officers so far.

Election Branch comes under the DC who function as District Election Officer. The Election Officer is the DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) and this branch has its own cashier. Funds are directly received from directorate of Election in the form of LOC.

Elections to Lok Sabha,Legislative Assembly under the Election Commission of India are conducted through this branch. Even the local Elections under the State Election Commission also comes under its ambid.

There are 7 Assembly Constituents within its jurisdiction, 7 AEROS, 7 EROS, 185 BLOS, 23 BLO Supervisions are functional under this Branch.

During Non-Election Period, Periodical Revision of Electoral rolls is the main activity taken up by this branch.


Sl No Name Of Staff Designation
1 H Lalzuia UDC
2 Lalthangpuia LDC
3 Lalringngheti LDC
4 Lalramhluna Rokhum Data Entry operator
5 Lalthanmawia Data Entry operator
6 Lalduhkima Peon
7 Lalhlimpuia peon