Citizen’s Charter




Vision and Mission Statement of the Department


  • To ensure efficient and effective district administration.
  • To provide transparent and responsive administration.


  • Promote accountability, competency, punctuality and responsiveness.
  • Improving quality of service delivery.
  • Effective implementation of policies of government by ensuring that the entire machinery in the district level delivers quality public services.


Details of Business Transacted by the Department

The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei is divided into various Branches for smooth functioning of the office and officers are assigned as Branch Officers for the various Branches enumerated below :-

  1. Establishment Branch: The Establishment Branch deals with recruitment of staff, service matters & pension cases of all categories of employees of the office, training & disciplinary proceedings if and when initiated. The Branch deals with Govt. Orders, Notifications and instructions, coordination with other functionaries in the District, etc.
  2. Stationery Branch: The Branch deals with procurement of all forms and stationery items required for day to day functioning of the office as per Govt. instructions, repair and maintenance of various machines in the office, installation of telephones, electric connection, water supply and subscription of newspapers with bills for all these items.
  3. Land & Building Branch: Construction, repair and maintenance of office and all quarters is dealt by this Branch. The Branch also deals with files concerning assessment of house rent within the District and issues Fair Rent Certificates.
  4. Vehicle Branch: Vehicle Branch deals with purchase, repair and maintenance of all vehicles belonging to DC Lunglei, procurement of POL, requisition of vehicles in times of Election and other emergency situations.
  5. ILP Branch: The ILP Branch issues Inner Line Permit as per standing instructions of the Govt. of Mizoram to non-residents who are requiring stay in the District for various reasons. ILP is issued for a period of six months, on expiry of which the same can be renewed twice for a period of six months each. Nominal fees are charged for issue as well as renewal of the Permits which is credited into Govt. account.
  6. Arms Branch: The Arms Branch takes care of issue of fresh as well as Duplicate Arms Licenses, renewal of Arms Licenses, registration of arms and permission for retainership of arms. The Branch also issues explosive license, Vendor License and permission for practice firing by security forces.
  7. Nazarat Branch : The Branch deals with all account matters, prepares budget estimate & revised estimate of the office submits all periodical returns on expenditure statements regularly to the Govt. Collects professional tax from all employees and receive Govt. revenues and credit into Govt. account. Prepares replies to various audit notes and issues LOC to Sub-Divisions.
  8. Census Branch: The Branch deals with all Census matters. The Branch also issues Scheduled Caste/Schedules Tribe/Income/Residential Certificates, application forms for which are readily available in the Branch.
  9. Planning Branch: The Branch deals with matters relating to various development programmes, High Powered Committee for Lunglei District and various State and District Level Committees.
  10. D.M.R. Branch: The Branch deals with any kind of disasters happening in the District and relief/rehabilitation works thereof. The Branch deals with natural calamities, collect reports on damages caused by natural calamities such as heavy rain, floods, landslides, hailstorms, fire, etc. and provide necessary assistance both in cash and in kind. Silpaulins received from DMR Directorate are distributed on need base.
  11. District Forum: The Branch receives complaints from all corners, scrutinize them for trial in the District Forum. The sitting of District Forum is held regularly and a large number of cases disposed of every year. The Branch also issues various prohibitory orders as and when necessary.
  12. Circuit House Branch: The Lunglei Circuit House is having three VIP suites, eight two-bedded and one bedded ordinary rooms and a Dormitory of seven beds. The Branch deals with reservation of accommodation, maintenance of the Circuit House, Collection of room rents etc. and deposit into Govt. account through Nazarat Branch.
  13. Protocol & Hospitality Branch : The Branch takes care of celebration of all important days and weeks of National and State like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, National Integration Week, Energy Conservation Day, etc. as well as making arrangement for the visit of VIPs and VVIPs.
  14. Confidential Branch: Deals with all matters of confidential nature.
  15. Election Branch: Under the overall supervision of DC, who is also the District, Election Officer, the branch deals with all matters relating to Photo Electoral Rolls and election to village Councils, State Legislature and Lok Sabha.


Details of ‘Citizens’ or ‘Clients’

Every person, every household and village in the District become a client to the Office of Deputy Commissioner. And as the Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head in the district, all other departments are also jointly responsible to the effective functioning of district administrative machinery, thus serving every citizen or client collectively.

There are 43495 households, 186 villages and 159863 persons in the district as per Census 2011. There are two Civil Sub-Divisions namely – Lunglei Sadar Sub-Division, Tlabung Civil Sub-Divisions. The District also divided into three Rural Development Blocks – Lunglei, Lungsen and Bunghmun.


Statement of Services

  1. Maintenance of law and order including issue of Prohibitory order as and when required.
  2. Issue and Extension of validity of Inner Line Permits.
    1. Temporary ILP: Extension of Temporary ILP can be done for a period of 15 days. Application form is available in the ILP Branch for Rs. 20/- Renewal fee/Extension fee is Rs. 20/-. The application needs to be countersigned by the VCP concerned.
    2. Regular ILP: Regular ILP for a period of six months is issued, on expiry of which the same can be renewed twice for a period of six months each. Application form can be acquired for Rs.20/- and Issue of Regular ILP requires a fee of Rs.200/- The Sponsor should clearly mention all his particulars in the application form and the application form should be countersigned by the VCP concerned. The application form should be accompanied by all important documents such as attested copies of LSC/Registration of Firm, etc., EPIC of the sponsor as well as the applicant’s residential certificate, extract copy of voters list and valid temporary ILP, along with 4 passport size photo of the sponsor and the applicant. The sponsor should surrender the ILP as and when instructed or when the validity expires or when the need pf the service mentioned in the application form is no longer valid. Regular ILP can be renewed twice for a period of six months each at a time. Fee for issue of renewed ILP and application form are Rs. 100/- and Rs. 20/- respectively.
  1. For Renewal of Arms Licenses, Issue of Duplicate Arms Licenses and permission for retainer ship of arms, Police Verification report should be submitted along with the application. The Arms Branch also issues explosive license and No Objection Certificate from the VCP concerned should be produced by the applicant. Applications for all of these should be submitted in plain papers.
  2. Issue of Residential Scheduled Tribe/Caste and Income Certificates. Application forms for these Certificates can be obtained from the Census Branch at a fee of Rs. 10/- each.
    1. The VCP and BDO/SDO(C) concerned should countersign the application form for Residential Certificates. Two Passport size photos are to be attached. The applicant should furnish all required particulars.
    2. Scheduled Tribe/Caste Certificates are issued only to permanent residents of the district. All particulars to be filled up in the application form are mandatory.
    3. For issue of Income Certificate, information/acknowledgement in respect of the applicant is to be furnished by the VCP concerned or by the employer in case of Govt. employee.
    4. Issue of Old Age Concession Cards to persons who attain 65 years of age and above. Birth Certificate is to be produced and application should be submitted in plain paper.
    5. Maintenance and updating of Census records.
  1. Implementation of various works under MPLADS/MLALADS.
    1. MPLADS: Tender notice is floated for the works selected and sanctioned by the MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Work order is issued to the selected work executing agency and advance payment up to 75% of the sanctioned amount to start the work can be released. Final payment is released only after the work is completed satisfactorily and all procedures are followed.
    2. MLALADS: MLA selected works and work executing agencies. Work order is then issued along with Plan and Estimate prepared by Technical Branch/A.E/J.E. Advance payment up to 50% of the sanctioned amount can be released for starting the work. Final payment can only be released on completion of the work satisfactorily and on submission of Utilisation Certificate countersigned by the concerned MLA/BDO/A.E/J.E.
  2. Provision of relief in time of calamities, Disaster incidence stating all important particulars such as name address of victim, damage caused and causal agency extent of damage etc. is to be reported to the DC/SDO(C)/BDO by the Village Disaster Management Authority. Verification and other necessary procedures will be taken for distribution of relief to the victim as per Guidelines of the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF)/Calamity Relief Fund (CRF). Distribution of relief depends on the fund made available.
  3. Celebration of important Days like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.
  1. Accommodation for VVIPs who visit the District from time to time.
  2. Acquisition of lands and buildings for public purposes as per provision of Land Acquisition Act. 1894, assessment of properties likely to be damaged as a result of construction/extension of roads etc.
  3. Fixation of fair rent in respect of buildings occupied or proposed to be occupied by various Government Departments for offices or staff quarters etc. as per the provisions of the Mizoram Urban Areas Rent Control Act, 1974. For issue of Fair Rent Certificates, documents such as assessment of the building by PWD Building Division, copies of LSC and assessment of tax payable work out by Settlement Officer in respect of the building.
  4. Settlement and disposal of dispute over lands including eviction of encroachers, removal of road side encroachments including eviction of unauthorized occupants.
  5. Supervision and implementation of various Developmental works within Lunglei District.


Details of Grievance Mechanism

Every person who is feeling aggrieved of the service delivery or failure of service delivery can bring his grievance to the Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei, either in person or in writing.

Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei is assisted in his day-to-day function by two Additional Deputy Commissioners, one Sub Divisional Officer (Sadar), five Sub Deputy Commissioners, one Assistant Engineer and one Superintendent. These officers are also responsible for accomplishment of the desired and immediate action on any grievances brought to the notice the Deputy Commissioner.

Present incumbent of the key posts of the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei is as below: –

Address of DC Office Venglai, Lunglei

Pin – 796701





Contact Number

Mobile Number


Deputy Commissioner

Kulothungan A IAS




Addl. DC

M Misael (MCS)


3 SDO (Sadar) C Lalduhzuali (MCS) 03722324023 8413058436



Lalsanglura (MCS)





Lalsiamthari Bawitlung




Expectations form the ‘Citizens’ or ‘Clients’

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner is open to all. Serving the people is the purpose for which DC’s office exists. In the meanwhile, a few lines of expectation on every citizen is mentioned below:-

  1. For prompt action on matters relating to issue of certificates, ILP, etc. required documents such as Birth certificate, EPIC, extract of Voters list copy of LSC passport size photos, police verification report, NOC, etc. as the case may demand must be readily produced.
  2. Works under MPLADS/MLALADS are to be completed as per guidelines. Every executing agency expected to perform work accordingly.
  3. Report on natural disaster should be immediately brought to the office or to other responsible offices and everyone is expected to take immediate action in this regard.
  4. Anyone who needs service or action on any matter falling under the purview of DC’s office should bring adequate and genuine information or document.
  5. All are expected and requested to bring their grievances to Deputy Commission in matter relating to service delivery or failure of service delivery.
  6. All are expected and requested to be a part of effective and responsive district administration by accomplishing fundamental duties.