Subdivision & Blocks

Lunglei Town is the administrative Headquarters. Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head assisted by two Additional Deputy Commissioners, One Sub Divisional Officer (Sadar) and 5 Sub Deputy Commissioners. There are 3 Sub-Divisions, each under its respective Sub-Divisional Officer (S.D.O) and 4 Rural Development Blocks each under its respective Block Development Officer (B.D.O). The present incumbents are as follows:

Civil Sub-Divisions:-

  1. Lunglei – SDO (Sadar) Lunglei – Lalnundika MCS
  2. Hnahthial – SDO (Civil) Hnahthial – H Lalramliana MCS
  3. Tlabung – SDO (Civil) Tlabung – Lalmuanpuii MCS

Rural Development Blocks:-

  1. Lunglei – BDO, Lunglei – Victor Lalawmpuia MCS.
  2. Hnahthial – BDO, Hnahthial –H Lalramliana MCS.
  3. Lungsen – BDO, Lungsen – Lalmuanpuii, MCS.
  4. Bunghmun- BDO, Bunghmun – Beitlotha Nohra MCS.