Date : 15/03/2009 - |

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in Lunglei District

Administrative Set Up: The Deputy Commissioner is the officer in charge of the administration at the district level. The state is territorially divided into units known as districts. The overall functioning of this district is headed by the Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner is also designated as District Programme Co-ordinator at District Level for the implemention of MGNREGA. Project Director DRDA acts as District Programme Officer Deputy Commissioner and BDO acts as Programme Officer at Block Level for the implementation of the MGNREGA

The District have four blocks viz. Lunglei, Lungsen, Bunghmun and Hnahthial. As per 2011 census the population of the District is 1,61,248, out of which 92,676 live in rural area and 68,752 live in urban area. Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011was 17.64 % with a population density of 36 per square kilometer.

The existing number of authorized and un authorlzed village in the district is as under:

Sl.No Name of Block No. of Villages
1. Bunghmun 32
2. Hnahthial 25
3. Lunglei 63
4. Lungsen 61
  Total 181


BPL Households



How To Apply

Enquire at DRDA Office