L.W.S.M. Division, PHE

LWSM Division mainly deals with the pumping of water from river Tlawng and distribution of
the treated water within Lunglei town. LWSM Division covers the whole of Lunglei Town Including Vanhne and Thuampui Villages. There are about 7000 Private House Water Connection within Lunglei.


1) DPR for Augmentation of GL WSS ( Part I- Strengthening of existing scheme amounting to Rs. 876.44 has already been approved by Government of India & A /A is also already accorded.

2) DPR for Augmentation of GLWSS ( Part II- Coverage of Peripheral Areas ) amounting to Rs. 1,059.70 lakh has been submitted to Government of India.

3) GLWSS has been commissioned in 1995.