Phunhnawma Lungpui – Lungpui Tlang

Phunhnawma Lungpui – Lungpui Tlang, Lunglei District

Literally “Phunhnawma’s Rock”, it is located in Lungpuitlang village, 106 km to the east of Lunglei and quite close to the Myanmar border. It is a large rock with a dimension of about 60 metres and a height of roughly 26.60 metres. Situated on the top of a breezy hill with an altitude of 5058 ft, Phunhnawma Lungpui serves as an excellent look-out offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas including the hill ranges of western Myanmar. Legend has it that it was discovered during a hunting trip by Phunhnawma, chief of Cheural village. When he first came to this rock, he was met by its fairy guardians who told him to go back home and bring a cock for them and in return for this favour they would bless him with whatever wild animals he wanted to kill. He did as he was told and the fairies kept their words and he killed plenty of animals in this area and made a name for himself as a great hunter.