Lungding – Rualalung

Lungding – Rualalung, Lunglei District

Situated in the vicinity of Rualalung village 91 km of the south of Lunglei, Lungding or literally “a stone that stands upright” is a fascinating natural landmark composed of rock and hard soil. About 60 ft in height, it measures 120 ft in girth at the base and tapers to a small flat top of about 20 sq.ft. Since, the surface is covered with shrubs and climbing plants it is not difficult to climb to the top. In their animistic days the Mizos used to believe that rocks, trees and other natural objects which are out of the ordinary in shape or size were in dwelled by spirits and Lungding was one such oddity. It is said that while the sides were overgrown with shrubs and vines, the flat top was always bare and clean and hence some warriors of Rualalung village often kept all-night vigils to find out what sort of being frequented the top. Later, after their conversion to Christianity, some of the villagers also offered prayers here to ward off evil spirits and it is said that since then the top also has always been covered with vegetation.