Brief note on the District office

            Under Lunglei District, there are two Division created and are being functioned at Lunglei and Hnahthial as its headquarters. Lunglei Division is covered by 5 (five) Range Offices headquartered at Lunglei, Haulawng, Tawipui, Thenhlum and Tlabung, to implement various developmental activities in these area.

Main works of the Department

  1. Implementation of New Land Use Programme (NLUP) of Rubber, Coffee and Broom Cultivation.
  2. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)
  3. Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sanjay Yojana (WD), formerly Known as IWMP (CSS).
  4. Stream Bank Erosion Control of Cultivated Land and Series of Check dams across the drainage lines.
  5. Water Harvesting to harness rain water and surface run off for multipurpose use.
  6. Cash crop development by growing Rubber, Coffee, Broom and other horticultural crops.
  7. Establishment of nurseries for quality planting materials such as Rubber and Coffee.


Whom to contact

District Level:                             

District Officer
Land Resources, Soil & Water Conservation Department,
Farm Veng,Lunglei
Phone – 0372  2324463

Range Level:

  1. Range Officer, Lunglei Range
    Mobile – 9436157484
  2. Range Officer, Haulawng Range
    Mobile – 9436370796
  3. Range Officer, Tawipui Range
    Mobile – 9436157474
  4. Range Officer, Thenhlum Range
    Mobile – 9436763280
  5. Range Officer, Tlabung Range
    Mobile – 9436157172