District Industries Centre

Before the establishment of District Industries Centre, Lunglei in the year 1979, Industries Department in Lunglei District was functioning under superintendant of Industries as inherited from Govt. of Assam more than a decade.

1) Present location of Office : Venglai, Lunglei & Status of Building : Pucca Building (Cement concrete three stored

2) Land owned by Industries Department : Having 15 nos of land in various in Lunglei District places within the District which were placed under Land Lease.

3) No. of Buildings : (a) Office – 1 No (b) Training Centre- 5 Nos (c) Common facilities Centre – 2 Nos (d) Staff Quarter – 16 Nos

Achievement/Activities :

I) Registration : 547 Units

II) Various Incentive Subsidy :

1. Grant-In-Aid to Rural Artisan

2. State Incentive Subsidy :

a) Subsidy on cost of Project Report b) Land subsidy c) Factory Rent Subsidy d) Man power Subsidy e) Interest Subsidy f) Power Subsidy g) Powerline Subsidy h) State Transport Subsidy (on Plant & machinery)

3. Central Incentive Subsidy :

a) Transport Subsidy b) Central Capital Investment Subsidy. c) Central Interest Subsidy. e) Subsidy on cost of ISO & ISI Certification

3) PMEGP Loan : Districtr Industries Centre, Lunglei along with all other DICs is appointed as Nodal Department for implementation of the Programme. Details of the scheme can be had from office during office hours.

4) Human Resources Decelopment : a) Academy of Computer and Electronic Centre : ‘O’ Level Course of Computer application is conducted under DOEACC Society. The course is meant for Men & Women and qualification for for admission is HSSLC. Admission fee including Library fee, etc. is Rs. 900/- and monthly fee is Rs. 400/-. Duration of the course is 1 year.

b) Weaving Training : Weaving Training is conducted every year and duration of the course is one year. Male & Female who passed Class-VIII are eligible to take admission in the Training. The passout trainees are getting stipend @ Rs. 500/- p.m. Training are selected through Interview.

c) Knitting & Tailoring Training : Though the name of the training is Knitting & Tailoring, Knitting is not conducted as it is considered updated. The course of Tailoring is 6 months and trainees are getting stipend @ Rs. 500/-p.m. Passout trainees are given Sewing Machine

d) Craft Training : Cane & Bamboo Craft Training Centre is conducted at Hnahthial and Haulawng. Duration of the course is 1 year and the trainees are given stripend @ Rs. 500/- p.m. Trainees are selected through personal interview.

5) Integrated Industrial Development : This Centre is yet to be completed Centre (IIDC) Pukpui, Lunglei in the near future.

6) Apiary Farm, Sazaikawn. :  This farm is meant for Bee keeping demonstration farm for the public. Where one can hear the humming sound of bee all through the year.

Scheme/Project :

Present :

1) Bamboo Based Industry (Agarbati stick making) scheme is introducing to the public for generating employment by providing slicing & splittering machine. Rs. 10 lakhs is approved for implementing the scheme.

2) Rs. 10 lakhs is approved for establishment of Handloom Training Centre at Lungsen.

Future :

1) Square bamboo stick making project amounting to Rs. 275.88 lakhs has been submitted to Planning Department for approval.

2) DIC Lunglei decided to set up Mini Paper Mill at Tlabung.

3) Settingup of Entrepreneurs Development and Training institute at IIDC Pukpui.

RTI Act : General Manager is appointed as SPIO for RTI Act. There is no pending cases of questions receive from the public till date.