Sericulture is an Argo-base and is successfully practiced as a viable Rural Industry as it gives remunerative employment to family labour throughout the year and ensures periodic income even with small land holdings. Sericulture is commonly accepted as the most remunerative cash crop as compared to any agricultural crop.
however, the profitability mainly depends on the production of leaf for silkworm food and its conversion to cocoon at economic cost. In Lunglei District there are different types of silkworm which are Mulberry, Rri and Muga. One hacker of plantation is consider as an unit for production of cocoon to sustain a family. Maximization of leaf yield therefore, is one of the primary objectives which could be achieved through various agronomic practices like irrigation, application of fertilizers (manures, inter-cultivation etc.)
The most important consideration in Sericulture is the effective utilization of family manpower particularly the aged, handicapped, illiterate and women folk. Unlike all other industries, wealth is transferred from rich class to the poor section of the society.