Art & Culture


By having a wider vision for better achievements in preservation and promotion of Cultural heritages in the Southern part of Mizoram, the Art & Culture Department, Gov’t of Mizoram took initiatives to have a District Office at Lunglei. Therefore, the District Art & Culture Office was established on 19th August. 1998 at Lunglei. The Office was housed in a rental private building within Rahsiveng locality, opposite to Mizoram State Transport Bus Station. The administrative jurisdiction of the District Office is stretched to Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Saiha District.


The District Art & Culture Office, Lunglei is the only District Office in the state under the Art & Culture Department. The District Library, District Museum, Art and culture Auditorium and Multi-Purposed Cultural Complex ( MPCC ) were under its establishment. 

 The District Office, Lunglei was manned by a few skeleton staff. At the outset, the Office was headed by the District Research Officer ( DRO ) which was upgraded to the Senior Research Officer (SRO) in Aug. 2008. Most of the staff were pulled together from different Wings of the department and new posts had not been created for the Office till date.


  1. To drive awareness in order to inculcate the importance of preservation and  promotion of Culture in the minds of the people  and make various programmes to achieve the objectives.
  2. To organize at least four big Cultural programmes for the Southern part of Mizoram every year.
  3. To promote literature, Drama, Music and fine arts.
  4. To conduct condensed course of training in traditional dances at Lunglei and to organize short course of training as and when necessary.
  5. To make an effort for setting up good and reliable Cultural Clubs, Drama Clubs, etc. which can be called to perform if and when necessary.
  6. To work in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) like YMA, MUP, MHIP, MAL, MZI, etc as afar as possible to achieve the objectives.
  7. To preserve ancient monuments and landmarks available in the Southern part of Mizoram which are worthy of preservation.
  8. To develop and enrich the existing District Library and District Museum.
  9. To drive awareness for setting up more village Libraries in towns and village.
  10. To make effort in fulfillment of Departments objectives as, when and where necessary.



The district Library, Lunglei was established on 20th July, 1975 under Education Department, Gov’t of Mizoram. Since the trifurcation of Education Department in 1989, all the government’s public Libraries were under the Art & Culture Department. Therefore, after the Inauguration of district Office at Lunglei , the District Library, Lunglei was under the establishment of the District Art & Culture Office, Lunglei.

The District Library, Lunglei was housed in the 4th floor of Saikuti Hall with well Organized facilities. On its well management and administration, the Raja Ram MohanRoy Library Foundation (RRRLF) has awarded National Level Award in 2001. 21,408 numbers of valuable books in different subjects were already collected and procured till date. Moreover, a good number of local and national newspaper, journals and magazines were subscribed for the Visitors. 661 number of Library members were already enrolled in this Library. Approximately there were 4200 numbers of Visitors per year in the last five years.


In order to promote public Library services, the Art & Culture Department used to give recognition to rural public Library and used to release grants under the scheme of RRRLF to such Libraries. There were 61 numbers of recognized Library in the Southern part of Mizoram. A good numbers of variety books and facilities were distributed to these Libraries as a grant every year through the District Library, Lunglei.

In view of promotion and development of the public library services, training programmes were also organized at Lunglei.


The District Museum, Lunglei was established in the 1st floor of Saikuti Hal. It was Inaugurated on 3rd Aug. 2006 at the outset. The Indian Museum, Kolkata which is the Nodal Agency for the development of Museum in the North East India; has started preparation and developmental works of the District Museum as invited their assistance by the department in 2005. 20 Nos of beautiful show cases and 8 Nos of Diorama show cases were installed in the Museum. The diorama show cases were beautified with 19. Nos of statues with background painting. More than 200. Nos of rare and valuable artifacts of different variety were displayed in the show cases. More than 965 Museum objects were collected and procured since its establishment.


The Art & Culture Department has 400-500 seated capacity of Auditorium in the heart of the Lunglei town. The building was constructed in 1991 and it can be used for the public on hire system. The rent so collected were utilized for its maintenance and wages of duty / chowkidar.
A variety of traditional dresses were purchased and stocked in the District Art & Culture Office. It can also be lent-out to the public on hire system. The rent so collected were utilized for purchase of new costumes and its maintenance.


The construction and establishment of Multi-Purposed Cultural Complex (MPCC) is still going on at Sazaikawn, Lunglei. Around 70 % of the construction works had been completed and it is expected to fully complete during the year 2010-2011.