Bungalow of Pioneer Missionaries

These are two bungalows constructed in 1903 in Serkawn village now adjoining Lunglei by Rev. J.H. Lorrain, elder brother of Rev. R.A. Lorrain and Rev. F.W. Savidge, fondly nicknamed Pu Buanga and Sap Upa respectively, and are believed to be the oldest buildings in Mizoram. These two pioneer missionaries from Welsh first arrived in Mizo soil in 1894 and established a Presbyterian Church mission in Aizawl, giving priority to learning the local dialect, formulation of the Mizo alphabet in the Roman script, compilation of the Mizo-English dictionary and translation of the Bible and hymns. They returned home in 1897 but came back in 1902 to work under the Baptist Missionary Society in southern Mizoram where they established their base in Serkawn near Lunglei.