Animal Husbandry & Veterinary

Before the year 1962, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary has been functioning as a branch under community Block (CD) and on 1.4.1962, it was upgraded to Sub-Divisional A.H & Vety. Office, Lunglei and on 24.8.1977 the department functioned under the establishment of District Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Officer, Lunglei. The main objectives and aims in creating this Department were to prevent and combat ailing animals, to educate public in rearing animals more economically ; and introduce and replace local animals through induction of cross-bred animals.

The Department of A.H & Vety is having its headquarters at Chandmary, Lunglei and Sub- Divisional Office at Tlabung and its service covering all Villages under Lunglei District.

Besides the above mentioned information, Joint Director, Southern Zone Office at farm Veng, Lunglei and Principal, School of Vety Science at Lungpher covering School of Vety Science, Cattle breeding & Piggery farms are being functioning well.


A : Veterinary Services :

  • The Department has 1 No. Veterinary Hospital, 5 Nos. of Veterinary Dispensaries, 19 Nos. of Rural Animal Health Centres. All these were Supervised by the Veterinary Doctors and Veterinary field Staffs. The main objectives and aims are treatment, prevention and control of animal diseases through vaccination, medication etc.
    Under the Mizoram Regulation of Animal Movement Act 2000, Animal Check Post is established at Tlabung to check Entry of Animals in the District.
  • Veterinary Extension Education : The Department has been organizing Veterinary Extension works like farmers training in Poultry Piggery, Cattle, etc. frequently.

B. Animal Husbandry :

  1. District Poultry Farm : In this farm Rhode Island Red (RIR), White Leg Horn and Kuroiler Layer were reared to promote Poultry Farming in the District and were distributed to the public.
  2. Cattle Breeding Farm : Jersey and Holstein Frisien were reared. The objectives of theis farm is to upgrade the Cattle breeding and to increase milk production among the local farmers. Milk is also distributed through this farm.
  3. Piggery Demonstration Farm: Piggery Demonstration Farm were sold Yorhshire. Landrace were kept in this farm and were used to upgrade the local breeds of pig through Artificial Insemination. Piglets were also sold at lower rates to the farmers. The indigenous breed (Zovawk) is also reared here to preserve the indigenous breed.
  4. Integrated Dairy Development Plant : To promote clean milk production to the public, this Plant is successfully running distributing an average of 7100 lts/day.


The Department submitted a scheme for rearing Pig amounting to Rs.10 lakhs for 34 Units at Hlumte village. The scheme has been sent to the Government approval through the Vice Chairman, High Power Committee, Lunglei Vide No.G20017/08- DAH&V(L)41 of 8.2.2010.
Besides this, the Department is planning to construct Slaughter House and strengthen Integrated Dairy Development Project and await for Government approval.


ASPIO – 1) District A.H.& Vety Officer, Lunglei. 2) Vety Assistant Surgeon, Lungsen.