Sawrkar laipui hmel lanna ber chu District-te hi an ni a. Mipui leh Sawrkar in dawrna leh in biakna/dawrna (Government-to-Consumer/G2C) tam ber a ni

District-te hi Sawrkal laipui hmatawng (Front-end) a ni a, Sawrkar leh Mipuite indawrna(Government-to-Consumer or G2C) tam zawk thlenna hmun a ni. eDistrict Project hi Sawrkar in Depertment hrang hrangte District tina tha zawk leh awlsam zawka mipuite tana rawng an bawl theih nana duan a ni.

 Front-ends under the scheme, in the form of citizen facilitation centers, are envisoned to be built at District, Tehsil, Sub-division and Block levels. Village-level front-ends would be established through Common Services Centres (CSCs) for delivery of services.

MMP kaltlanga hma lak theihna kawng hrang hrangte chu hengte hi an ni :

  • Certificates: Creation chi hrang hrang(income, domicile, caste, Birth, Death etc.) siam leh pek chhuah.
  • Licences: Arms Licenses etc.
  • Public Distribution System (PDS): Ration Card leh a dangte siam leh pek chhuah.
  • Social Welfare Schemes: Pension hlawh hrang hrang i.e. old-age pensions, family pensions, widow pensions, etc. pek chhuah.
  • Complaints: Selna hrang hrang thehluhna(thil man diklo, zirtirtu awmlo, Doctor rawn theihloh, etc.)
  • RTI: Online a thil thehluh leh thil pawimawh dawn/lak theihna(Right to Information Act) kaihhnawih.
  • Linking with other e government projects: Registration, Land Records, and Driving Licences, etc.
  • Information Dissemination: About government schemes, entitlements, etc.
  • Assessment of taxes: Property tax, and other government taxes.
  • Utility Payment: Electricit Bill pekte, Tui bill leh Bungraw chhiah, etc. pek na.
  • etc

E-District hian mipuite tana he Common Service Center Project hi Lunglei District ah a kalpui mek a. Kan tum chu he CSC hi Veng tinah mihring 1000 tlinna chinah chuan dah vek hi a ni a, chumi tur chuan hma lak mek a ni.

Lunglei District ah hian enkawltu (Manager) pahnih awmin, an ni hian Office an enkawl a ni :

  • Lalruatliana
  • Lalrindiki Renthlei

Support Engineer: Mr PV Lalnunthara