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The Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department is created by the Government of Mizoram as a new department on 24.8.2006 (vide No. A. 46011/1/2004 - GAD/31 dated 24.8.2006). The department is responsible for Administration and Management of Urban Area within the state.

The Government had given the following subjects of business to the Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department :

1) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) and allied matters.

2) Urban Infrastructure Development Schemes Funded under 10% Lump sum grants for North-Eastern Region States.

3) Urban Development Schemes to be funded under Asian Development Bank.

4) Solid Waste Management and Sanitation.

5) Aizawl Development Authority (ADA).

6) Town and Country Planning which includes - (a) The Mizoram Urban & Regional Development Act, 1990 and Rules thereunder.

(b) The Urban Development Plans Formulation and Implementation Guidelines, 1986.

(c) The National Building Code of India under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986.

7) Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns (IDSMT).

8) Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation Programmes including Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) and Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programmes (IHSP).

9) Urban Local Bodies.

There are different branches under the UD & PA Deptt. as mentioned below :

1) Town & Country Planning Wing,
2) Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) Cell,
3) Sanitation Wing,
4) Aizawl Development Authority (ADA)

2. Establishment of Town & Country Planning Office, U.D & P.A. Deptt., Lunglei. : The office of the Asst. Town & Country Planner, UD&PA Department, Lunglei came into being prior to the creation of the UD&PA Department under the Local Administration Department (LAD) on December 11, 2000 and the office is located at Chanmari - II, Lunglei.

The office of the Asst. Town & Country Planner, UD & PA Department, Lunglei is headed by Er. R.L. Zidinga, Asst. Town & Country Planner.

Achievement :

1) Master Plan Preparation : Under the provision of the Mizoram Urban & Regional Development Act, 1990(amended in 1996 & 2004) and The MURD Rules, 1998, the Town & Country Planning Wing, UD & PA Department is intending to prepare Town Development Plan/Master Plan for each and every urban area in the State. There are 3(three) Census towns in the Lunglei District, namely, Lunglei, Hnahthial and Tlabung. Moreover, the Department is also looking after Saiha District and Lawngtlai District in matters relating to town & country planning.

Though there are 3(three) approved Master Plans, Implementation of Approved Master Plan is very poor.

2) Execution of Works : The Town & Country Planning, UD&PA Department had constructed 11 Market buildings within Lunglei, Saiha and Lawngtlai Districts under the Centrally sponsored Scheme of Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns (IDSMT) and Non-Lapseable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR).

3) NUIS : TCP had been nominated as the Nodal Department for National Urban Information System (NUIS). Aizawl City, Champhai Town and Lunglei Town are proposed by the Central Government to be covered under the NUIS.

4) Survey Conducted : The following surveys had been conducted by the The Town & Country Planning, UD&PA Department, Lunglei during the last 3(three) years.

Sl No

Name of survey



Urban Infrastructure survey of Tlabung Town



Urban Infrastructure survey of Lawngtlai Town



Household survey of Lunglei Town



Socio Economic survey of Tlabung Town



Socio Economic survey of Lawntlai Town



RTI Act:

Under the Town & Country Planning, UD & PA Department, Lunglei, there is no recipient of concession, permits or authorisation granted to it under the RTI Act, 2005.

The name and designation of State Public Information Officers under the UD & PA Deptt. are as below:

1) Lalthuamliana, Under Secretary, UD & PA Deptt., State Public Information Officer.

2) HVL Zarzoenga, Deputy Director, UD & PA Deptt., State Public Information Officer.

3) Sangthangpuia Khiangte, Asst. Sanitation Officer, UD & PA Deptt., State Assistant Public Information Officer.


Last Updated on June 13, 2016
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