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In the year 1973-74 the Social Welfare Department, Mizoram was established as one of the branches under Education Department in Mizoram. On the outset it was headed by one State Social Welfare Officer (SSWO) and one District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) with the help of one or two other staff. It was enlarged in the year 1974-1975 by employing another officer designated as Programme Officer.

In the year 1979-1980 the Department was expanded by placing and appointing one District Social Welfare Officer each for Lunglei and Chhimtuipui Districts respectively. The department become a full fledged Directorate in the year 1980.

At present, exclusively for the administrative basis the department devided Mizoram into four Districts viz:-
(1) Aizawl West District
(2) Aizawl East District
(3) Lunglei District
(4) Saiha District

These District Offices are headed by District Social Welfare Officers who executed the works of the Department in the Districts excepting the Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS).

The Schemes under-taken by the Department may be broadly stated under the following heads and sub-heads: viz:

1. Child Welfare : Under this scheme the following sub-head are taken-up :-
(a) Creches / Day Care Centre.
(b) Pre-School
(c) Orphanages
(d) Recreational Centre-cum- Children Library
(e) State Council for Child Welfare
(f) Child Welfare Committee
(g) Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)
(h) Anganwadi Training Centre
(i) Adoption Cell
(j) Loomba Trust

2. Nutrition : Nutrition Programme is undertaken under the following sub-heads:
(a) Special Nutrition Programme
(b) Community Food and Nutrition Extention Unit (CFNEU)
(c) Nutritional Programme for Adolescent Girls

3. Welfare of Handicapped: The department takes up the following scheme for Handicapped Persons:
(a) Handicapped Training Centre at Aizawl and Lunglei
(b) Disability Pension
(c) Assistance to Handicapped Persons
(d) Grants-in-Aids to Handicapped Educated Unemployed
(e) Stipend to Handicapped Students

4. Welfare of the Aged : For the Welfare of the Aged Citizen the following programmes are taken up:
(a) Old-Age Home at Aizawl
(b) Indira Ghandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS)
(c) National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)

5. Women Welfare: For the women Citizen Integrated Women Empowerment Programme was taken up under the following sub-heads:
(a) Socio-Economic Programme for Poor and Destitute
(b) Residential Institute and Training Centre (RITC)
(c) Women Commission
(d) Swayamsidha

6. Correctional Services: The Department rendered Correctional Services through the followings:
(a) Protective Home for Women
(b) Remand Home at Aizawl and Lunglei
(c) De-addiction Centre-cum-Rehabilitation Centre
(d) Juvenile Justice Board
(e) Mizoram Social Defence and Rehabilitation Board

7. Grants-in-aid to Voluntary Organisation : It is given in Cash and in kind, the Mizoram Social Welfare Board acts as a liaison between Central Government and the Voluntary Organisations/field workers.

8. Tribal Welfare: Under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the Department takes up various steps to develop and raise the standard of villages and towns. The Vocational Training Centres (VTC) (funded by Ministry of Tribal Affairs) for Tribal Youths at various places are looked after by the department too.

Schemes & Programmes:

The District Social Welfare Office, Lunglei District, Lunglei has now taken up the following schemes and programmes:

1. Indira Ghandhi National Old Aged Pension Scheme: At present Old-Aged Pension has been given to 2678 persons belonging to BPL Families. To 1678 persons the amount given is Rs. 250/- pm. per head whereas 1000 persons are given Rs. 200/- pm per head. The variation of the rate arises for the State share of Rupees fifty has been given to the first 1678 pensioners whereas no State share has been sanctioned to the later 1000 pensioners.

2. National Family Benefit Scheme: To those BPL family whose primary bread-winners are dead a sum of Rs. 10000/- is given for the year 2009-2010, 116 families are already selected to benefit this scheme in Lunglei District.

3. Stipend to Handicapped Students: This Scheme aims at encouraging handicapped children to pursue higher study in school. Currently 125 students are given this stipend in the District at the rate of Rs. 360/- per annum per head for Primary School students Rs. 480/- per annum per head for Middle School students and Rs. 1020/- per annum per head for High School Students.

4. Day-Care-Centre: At present the Department is looking after ten (10) Day-Care Centres in which children below three years of age are taken care-of through MHIP/Village Council of the locality. Nutrition and Teaching aids for the Children and Honorariums for the worker and helper are given.

5. Handicapped Training-cum-Production Centre: This centre is meant for handicapped persons so that they may be well-trained so as to earn their lively-hood. The training Centre carries on two-trades viz. Tailoring for Female and Shoe making for male. The duration of the course is one year and 45 persons can be accomodated for one batch. During the training each trainee is given a stipend of Rs. 250/- pm and those who successfully completed the training course hand-sewing machine and tools for shoe-making are given respectively.

6. Vocational Training Centre: This training centre is meant for Tribal Youths. The centre provides training in various trades viz. Tailoring for male and female, Cane and Bamboo works, Fibre works and Shoe-Making. For each trade 20seats are allotted and the duration of the course is six months. Each trainee is given a stipend of Rs. 350/- per month.

7. Disability Pension: This pension is meant for disabled persons who are bed-ridden and are solely supported and taken care of by others. The rate of the pension is Rs. 250/- pm per head. At present 27 persons benefitted this scheme in Lunglei Districts

8. Unemployment Allowance: This scheme is meant for disable educated persons who have been registered themselves in the Employment Exchange for three years but have not got any job. The allowance is Rs. 250/- pm per head and currently 5 persons benefitted the scheme in the district.

At present a proposal for 2400 beneficiaries under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS), 250 beneficiaries for Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS) for women whose husbands are dead and 130 beneficiaries for Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS) has been submitted and sanction is awaited.


Last Updated on June 13, 2016
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