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1. Lunglei Irrigation Division was created in 1998
2. Lunglei Irrigation Division covers:-
1) Three Administrative Districts, viz. Lunglei, Lawngtlai & Saiha Districts.
2) Three Irrigation Sub- Divisions, viz. Lunglei, Saiha & Chawngte Sub-Divisions.
3. Lunglei Irrigation Sub-Division covers Lunglei Administrative District.
4. Lunglei Irrigation Sub-Division was created in 1986.
5. The potential WRC area in Lunglei District is 87,855.00 ha.(19.36% of the total area 4,53,800 ha)
(Source: State Remote Sensing Centre, Technology & Environment, Planning Deptt., Government of Mizoram).
6. The potential Horticulture Area of the District is 2,43,516.00 ha.
(Source : Horticulture Deptt., Government of Mizoram )

7. Completed Minor Irrigation Projects in the District = 43 Projects
8. Total CCA covered = 1,418.00 ha.
9. Percentage of Area covered by Minor Irrigation Projects is 1.61% of WRC potential area and 0.58% of Horticultural potential area.
10. Total number of beneficiaries = 525 families.
11. Total cost of the 43 Projects = Rs. 2,203.35 lakh.
12. Number of On-Going M.I. Projects in Lunglei District = 7
13. Total CCA to be covered = 271.00 ha.
14. Total number of beneficiaries = 135 families
15. Total Cost of the Project = Rs. 902.88 Lakh
16. Total number of M.I.Project proposed under AIBP IX = 10
17. Total CCA to be covered = 453.00 ha
18. Total cost of the Projects = Rs. 1,315.56 Lakh
19. Total number of beneficiaries = 283 families
20. Total number of M.I.Project proposed under Article 275 = 8
21. Total CCA to cover = 94.00 ha
22. Total cost of the Project = Rs. 190.34 Lakh
23. Total number of beneficiaries = 61 families
24. Sum up of Irrigation Projects in Lunglei District is as follows:- sorry lack of data!!

Last Updated on June 13, 2016
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