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Introduction : In the period of chieftainship, allotment of sites for housing and agricultural purpose was done by Village Chief within their respective jurisdiction. However, after the end of chieftainship, it was carried out by SDO in Lunglei Dsitrict. In the year 1953, October 6, District Council Office was set up in Lunglei District and the task of sites allotment for houses and agricultural purposes and collection of taxes was carried out under the supervision of Circle Officer. The designation of Officer in-charge of Revenue Office was changed from time to time like Revenue Officer, ADC i/c Revenue etc. When the post of ASO was created in the year 1983, Land Revenue and Settlement Office, Lunglei has been functioning under ASO-I till date.

The Land Revenue & Settlement Department has been performing different tasks like allotment of sites for housing, shop, stall, garden, WRC, fishery, farm, allotment of sites for NGO, CBO, VO and issue of Land Settlement Certificate and collect of taxes / revenue. Besides these, settlement of Land disputes cases, court cases, compensation case, land rent, land acquisition etc are the main tasks of Revenue Department.

 As already noted before, the District Council Office was set up in Lunglei in the year 1953, October 6. It performed the works of site allotment for housing and agricultural purposes and revenue / tax collection. The name of the Department has been changed as Land Revenue & Settlement since 1980

There are 16 sub towns within Lunglei District :

1) Tlabung                                2) Hnahthial                                 3) Lungsen
4) Haulawng                             5) Mualthuam N                        6) Thingfal
7) Tawipui S                          8) Tawipui N- I & II                    9) Chawngte L
10) Thingsai                             11) Tuichawng                              12) Pangzawl
13) S. Vanlaiphai                     14) Cherhlun                                 15) Chhipphir
16) Marpara S

The above sub towns have been covered by Cadastral Survey operation except
Marpara S.

Duties and functions :

1) Allotment of sites for housing and agricultural purposes.
2) Settlement of Land Disputes.
3) Survey, Mapping, documentation.
4) Issue of Pass, P. Patta, WRC, Shop, House, Fish Pond etc. DPL / Land Lease.
5) Re- Issue of LSC, P. Patta, WRC etc
6) Mutation / Transfer of ownership of Land.
7) Preservation and maintenances of records of land ownership.
8) Renewal of P. Patta, WRC etc
9) Collection of Taxes / Revenue.

Notice for Public :
1. Possessing a land or taking any action on land without valid Pass / LSC is violation of law and punishable.

2. Village Council can allot land for non agricultural purposes in undeclared town / vollage only. The rest is to be taken up by Govt. Possessing any land without permission from competent authority is not allowed and entails punishment as per relevant rules.

Note: For more details Please contact LR & S Office, Lunglei.


Last Updated on June 13, 2016
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