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Cooperation Department in Lunglei District plays an important role in increasing the capacity of the productivity of the rural farmers in every trade and providing renumerative Market facilities of their products and equally distribution of all daily essential commodities and consumer items among rural people at a considerable cheaper rates through so many primary societies scallered throughout the length and breadth of the District.

In short, Coperation Department serves a commendable parts in controlling inflation and always lend a helping hand to develop the poor and the needy in every villages


(1) There are more than 226 Cooperative Societies in Lunglei District having 6255 Members. It is the duty of Cooperative Department Lunglei to render assistance and give encouragement so as to make the various Societies to reach a self-supporting status

(2) Out of more than 10 (ten) State Level Cooperative Society being functioned in Mizoram MIZOFED Ltd. had Divisional office at Lunglei where various kinds of goods are being sold at reasonable rate to the public. The POL, while making commendable profit is also rendering valuable services to the public.

(3) The branch of Mizoram State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd (MCAB) is also located at Lunglei and is functioning under the supervision of the Chief Manager. Various kinds of Loans facilities have been made available. Not only the Cooperative Society, individual as well as the churches are making the best use of these facilities.

(4) Lunglei District Cooperative Union, which join together all the Cooperative Societies within Lunglei District is also functioning under the guidance of the Executive Officer. It deals with the task of imparting education and training to the members of the Cooperative Society. The Union always try its utmost for the development of the Cooperative Society.

Schemes/ Project :

(1) Cooperative Department Lunglei District had successfully implemented ICDP under NCDC during the year of 2004-2006. An amount of Rs. 400 lakhs received for the said project was executed for the development of various types of Cooperative Societies within the District.

(2) Implementation of Project under the Plan fund of High Powered Committee Lunglei is presently underway for developing 4 (four) Selected Cooperative Societies and for the motivation of Cooperative Education in Lunglei District.

(3) Proposal for strengthening and uplifting of different kinds of Cooperative Societies in Lunglei District to be taken up from the Plan Fund of High Powered Committee and from the State Fund is being submitted to the Government.

Profile :

(1) Establishment of Cooperative Department in Lunglei.               - 1974
(2) Designation of the Head of the Office                                          - ARCS
(3) No. of Registration of Societies                                                      - 579
(4) No. of Societies Cancelled                                                               - 353
(5) No. of Societies Liquidated                                                             - 31
(6) No. of function Societies                                                                 - 175
(7) No. of Non- functioned Societies.                                                  - 51
(8) Total No. of Societies                                                                       - 226
(9) Total Member of Societies                                                               - 6255
(10) State Level Societies                                                                       - 2
(11) District Level Societies                                                                   - 2
(12) Village Covered                                                                               - 112


Last Updated on June 13, 2016
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